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26 09 2010

Hello anyone and everyone…

Just posting a first entry here. Going to be able to keep everyone better up to date and communicate now with this WordPress blog, hopefully. Everything about this film is a work in progress, so please be patient as I slowly work to make it all more informative and attractive.

Looking forward to corresponding with anxious Amigans about this exciting film. Viva Amiga is gonna knock your socks off.





5 responses

30 09 2010
Jim Suttonus

Looks good except for one thing, as I see that the X1000 appears to be hailed as “the new Amiga” in the movie. This really needs to change as the X1000 is not an Amiga. It runs an Amiga-LIKE OS and should be presented in that light along with the other Amiga-LIKE OSes available today: MorphOS and AROS. It would be a huge disappointment if this film treated OS4 and related AmigaOne hardware as real Amigas, because they are not.

30 09 2010
Rodney C

I would like to chime in on this topic. I would think if any project is a successor to the Amiga 1000-4000T it is the German lead group NatAmi project (NatAmi.net)which is 100% compatiable with the original and also adds modern aspects to the Amiga such as USB, PCI, DVI, VGA, S-video sAGA and Chunky 32 bit modes to a computer running in the 100-400 mHz range using nothing but FPGA technology without breaking compatibility with original games and programs written for WB1.2 to 3.9. Please check out the following link to youtube for their demonstration of their working prototype (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rydE7wa_5d0&fmt=35) I really see this project capturing the heart and soul of what the Amiga community was back in the hayday of Amiga and what continued to keep life flowing in this great computer. Side note I was one of 200 people (North Alabama Amiga users Association) that would meet in the US Robotics building after hours in research park (Huntsville, AL.) back in the late 1980’s seeing the latest hardware and software upgrades while I learned to program using Fortran 77 for the Amiga while attending UAH. Those were the days! Long live The Amiga.

30 09 2010

Hi Jim!

Thanks for your comment. Clearly this is a hot-button issue in the Amiga community. We intend to present both sides of that argument equally and let people draw their own conclusions, even though personally, I do agree with you somewhat.

2 10 2010

This is an excellent initiative, but I hope that it will not be reducing or incomplete.

I fully agree with Jim and Rodney. Commodore had, it seems, the intention to abandon the backward compatibility by migrating to RISC technology.

Nevertheless, it would be fair to thank the various initiatives, commercial or not (UAE, AROS and other software developers) by giving them the same place.

5 03 2011

nah it wasnt made on an Amiga just vga true 8bit hencfe inferiro quality wont support that. Much less true 2 bit sound on
the inferior mac=pc. This is sad GO
true Amiga and the Net amiga is jsut that
not anything else period.

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