Teaser Trailer Online!

30 09 2010

The teaser trailer is officially online! A nice site update as well. What do you guys think? Spread the word around!




24 responses

1 10 2010

finally this is beeing done! 🙂
amiga waz beautiful cause amiga, somehow someway was a bit more than a machine.. there was connection! 🙂

1 10 2010

Thank you! I’m so happy people are excited. I am doing the best work of my career on this film. All thanks go to the Amiga, really, for helping me get started, then giving me an idea for a good film.

2 10 2010

I also cut my digital teeth on an Amiga 500 when I was about 7, and although I’ve never learned much about what happened to the company, I realize that it was a exceptionally well designed machine. I get the sense that we would we be a good deal further along in computing tech right now had Amiga architecture become a standard over PC. Looks like serious effort is going into the film, keep it up.

2 10 2010

Yeah, we’ve got the history in there, it’s got some pretty odd twists and turns…and it’s told by the people who lived it. Thanks for your encouragement…

4 10 2010

Seriously people, did you all turn religious somehow ?

Don’t get me wrong, I admire enthusiasm in people, passion for something is a beautiful thing, but the teaser seems a bit hysterical. (kind of like: 13 year-old-girls crying when they see their favourite boyband performing live in front of them ?)

I myself still have my old A1200 (sold my A500 at some point) and have spent , i guess, far too many hours hacking on it, still have some great memories, but i have moved on. (professional programmer now)

I’ve enjoyed reading the webbased story ‘A history of the amiga’, but the teenage-type spirit on the English amiga board seems a bit….. religious.

When the movie is released, i’ll watch it, and maybe alter my opinion, but for now, i’m just a little sceptic towards the content.

4 10 2010

Nice comment. There’s a great reason for the trailer being the way it is. It has to be exciting to get people interested in the film. Think about it…a “soft sell” approach doesn’t work very well in today’s age of ADD internet use. I am trying to make the film appealing to people who may not have even heard of the Amiga at all. And based on the reactions I get from such people. my approach is working. The film itself will not be 90 minutes of Amiga hysteria…some parts are somber, some reflective, but mostly the stories that people share are engaging and interesting. There’s fun animation too. You’ll see 🙂

7 10 2010

It is very exciting to me to see Amiga get the attention it deserves. I was an Amiga 1000 user back when Mac was in its infancy, and PC was at CGA level of graphics. I attended a Seminary where we used the Amiga to create graphics and titles for video production in a studio with 3 camera ability and a Cameron titler we stopped using.
The Amiga was a phenomenal addition.
I’m looking forward to seeing the program.

8 10 2010
Eric Caen

Hi guys,
I am Eric Caen, co-founder of Titus Interactive and now president of Interplay.
I wrote Crazy Cars on the Amiga, and then produced Fire & Forget 1 & 2, Titan, Blues Brothers, and many other games on this wonderful machine!
Good luck with your project,

8 10 2010

Hi guys,
Here, Snowmeow from Brazil.
Nice teaser, I am expectating now the movie being finished to purchase one copy. Would be so much to beg adding subtitles in Portuguese?

All of good to you.

10 10 2010

HI snowmeow. Hmmm, first request I’ve had for Portuguese. Can you tell us anything about the Amiga user base, past and present and Brazil? How big was it?

11 10 2010

I hope you get the Portuguese Subtitles going on…

Don’t know how was the Brazil Amiga User Base, but here in Portugal it must have got around less than 20 000 Amigas. It’s very significant amount for such a small country. There are no official numbers AFAIK – though…

14 10 2010

This is awesome!! Very nice teaser!

21 10 2010

Thanks! We’re trying to please!

17 10 2010

and when it will be translated into Spanish?

21 10 2010

The DVD will feature Spanish subtitles.

21 10 2010
Glen McDiarmid

It was an absolute pleasure to view the teaser. Amiga has been a huge part of my life and believe it or not, still is through the incredible piece of software that is WinUAE. I shall await the movie with great anticipation.

21 10 2010
Workbench 1.0

Ony question that i have – when ?

25 10 2010

An IMPORTANT part to include in the documentary is the RAPE that has gone on over the last 15 years, and prior, of Amiga technology and patents including OS features that are now in Microsofts OS products.

One such item is the humble 2 button mouse which Commodore had a patent on.

I believe ‘shortcuts’ on the desktop was an OS feature we had first that M$ used.
I’m sure theres many others I am not aware of but over the years I read and see things that were “Amiga first!”
‘IF’ M$ had developed those items first and ‘IF’ Commodore used them ‘AFTER’ M$, I’m sure Bill Gates would have sued them and try to put them out of business.

Of course I don’t know what was sold/licensed behind the scenes.
It Would be nice to know if that is the case and who was the “traitor” to sell the enemy our secrets……… so we can hang them with joystick cable, if they are not dead already!! LOL (& RIP to all applicable….)

-Commodore followed the PC world with intel based computers, probably the dumbmest thing I’ve heard, that they did out of all the screw-ups.

Even compared to CDTV/CD32 A600, etc the ‘PC clones’ tops all the other shortcomings COMBINED in my book.

My Reason for this is; At least the others were original genuine Commodore products.
AND the resources set aside for the PC CLONE endeavor took money and resources away from giving DAVE HAynie the A3000 that he really wanted with all the power specs AND development of AAA sooner, etc.
Now if HAynie himself or others that were there can say I’m wrong then ok.
Another note was the lack of Commodore following thru with the SUN A3000Unix package….Wow talking bout dropping a ball.
Sun is still in good business with its niche market and would have helped save Commodore ot took over entirely to keep the servers in production….
Enough for now. Corrections welcome. Thanks for the efforts of ‘true believers’ in the dream. Only Amiga……

p.s. Looking back at what I wrote, alot f it might have been pointed out in other books, media or documents. But alot of people might not have read or will read them, so it would be better served to have that info included here also, even if more concised & to the point to save time/space.

8 12 2010

Is this thing working I left a LENGTHY time consuming comment and its gone?? Is someone deleting comments they dont like and killing FREEDOM of SPEECH?!?

8 12 2010

The comment was left on 10-25-10 around 12:45AM!! just incase there is a technical problem cause I see no other comments afterwards….

4 01 2011
Roger Andre Lassen

How are you guys doing ? Any release date ?

7 02 2011

Any new news?

8 02 2011
Tim Wright

Hi Guys,

Great to see all these interviews and historical tidbits brought together in one production…

Writing music for, and being fondly associated with the AMIGA computer will be something I will always treasure.

My first contact with the AMIGA was sat with Jeff Minter and a group of other guys in the basement of a computer shop in London, checking out the juggler and wizard demos on an imported NTSC AMIGA A1000, with the voltage downconverter buzzing away in the corner of the room!

Even after it’s heyday, I still used to AMIGA for many years, as a way of accessing the internet and downloading e-mail, and more importantly using Bars & Pipes to sequence the music for many PlayStation games such as Wipeout, Formula One and Krazy Ivan.

I still have and occasionally boot-up my A500 and A1200…

I wish you every success with the project and can’t wait to see the end result.

All the best!
Tim Wright aka. CoLD SToRAGE
M.D. Tantrumedia Limited.

AMIGA Demo Groups: Jester Brothers International, Dionysus, Mindpower Designs.

Musical Composer on AMIGA Games: Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast II & III, Agony, Aquaventura, Puggsy, Leander, Awesome, Carthage, Tentacle.

9 02 2011
James Podesta

This is awesome. can’t wait to see it. Will be following the blog.

Any chance of a cinema release or a prequel on the c64 🙂

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