Moving right along

12 04 2011

Hey everyone

I know I don’t update here too much, I tend to use the Facebook page. But just wanted to let everyone know things are moving right along.

We will be shooting here in a couple months:

If you were a significant player on the Amiga scene, or at least think you might have been, feel free to message me and perhaps we can arrange an interview while I am there. At any rate, come on out to the show!

We’ve also been hard at work, doing 3-d modeling for the animated sequences, writing, re-writing and scheduling other shoots.

Oh yeah, and in a few days, you’ll finally be able to pre-order the film. Stay tuned to this blog for details!






2 responses

12 04 2011
Terry Beatty

Can’t wait to see the finished product – keep up the good work! T.

20 04 2011

I just heard about this! Kudos! I LOVED the Amiga. Deluxe Paint was the bomb and we were able to pull off a 20-minute animated cartoon using two Amigas and a downstream keyer in 1993. There something so much more fun about those times despite the power and ease of use of today’s NLE’s and digital arts software. Can’t wait to see the movie!

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