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26 04 2011
Hey there, fellow Amigans…
Alright, we’re at the pre-order stage now. We’ve got enough done on the film (more interviews shot, DVD packages determined and graphics created) to go ahead and offer the film for pre-order.

First, a little news…

RJ Mical, legendary video game industry pioneer, Workbench designer, and part of the original Amiga design team, has just signed on to be interviewed.
Eric Schwartz, well-known Amiga animator, will appear in the film as well. He has also offered to do some special graphics for the film.

My long-time friend and expert animator Maksim Bondarev has also just signed on with the film! He’ll be creating 3-D models of all the major Amiga models that will be used for animated sequences in the film…..

I want to thank you SO much for your support so far. This project is moving along great now. But we need your help. You may place a pre-order for one of our cool packages or simply donate. We’ve set a goal of $25,000 for pre-orders/donations, but honestly that is the bare minimum we need to pull this off. I’d love to see it soar much higher. The more donations and/or pre-orders we receive, the better the film will be. You have no idea of the costs we will encounter – travel fees, lab/post-production costs, legal fees… it goes on and on. Please help!

So please head on over to our page and place your pre-order now!

The Amiga will never die!

Zach Weddington
Producer, Viva Amiga




2 responses

26 04 2011
Peter Ståhlberg

Pledge is sent via kickstart.

However, I got a feedback comment from a friend regarding the trailer.
He has a reduced hearing and said that the sound mixing with background
music and speach is less good. The music simply overpowers the spoken word and makes it hard to hear what they are saying. The obvious solution to this is to reduce the background music more when people are speaking AND also offer english text (minimum). I have watched the trailer several times now and I must agree on his points even if I can hear everything. The music is a bit to powerful. Other than that I am fully rooting for this project.
The pledge worked fine via Kickstart. But it had to go via Not a big issue but you asked about it earlier. Keep up the fine, fine work so far!

21 05 2011
Michael Mullan

Just checking out your progress. Hope you’re doing well. Max told me something about a “fem-bot” ? Nice. Keep me posted. I start shooting in July. Peace.

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