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2 03 2011

Hello Zack,

Was told about your movie. Cool stuff.
In fact, learned about it in a darknet called AltME which Carl Sassenrath and I built. AltME was built in a language Carl created called REBOL. (if you know all this, ignore me here LOL).

Would love to help with your movie in terms of connecting you with those of us that made stuff. I co-designed CDTV. I also designed lots of products for the Amiga like Fire Power, Galactic Invasion, Turbo, MindRoll, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Diehard, and The Disney Animation Studio.

I still work with Dave Needle, and others, like Jim Sachs (we did this http://www.SereneScreen.com).

I don’t know “where” you are, but if you are near LA, I’m in town this week and am MCing http://www.BILconference.com, please come.

1 06 2011

Howdy Zack… Progress looks good on the movie, keep at it. Haven’t seen any mention if you will interview Carl Sassenrath for the film, but he was a very amiable fellow to chat with when I met him at the AmiWest 2010 show. As far as I remember, he lives somewhere around California.

Somebody at the show filmed and uploaded a great presentation by Carl about Amiga nostalgia, followed by a explanation of REBOL.

Here are the links:


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