Thanks and question!

26 04 2011
Thanks again for all who have made contributions or snagged themselves a pre-order so far! I’m amazed at the support so far! This is gonna be great! I feel good about getting us to Europe now…
Quick question: has anyone outside of the US had trouble donating via Kickstarter/Amazon payments? I was told by someone that they got a message that they must have a US Amazon account, but I know of several people in the UK who have made contributions….and I know people also want to donate via paypal: we’re working on it!

Pre-Order now!

26 04 2011
Hey there, fellow Amigans…
Alright, we’re at the pre-order stage now. We’ve got enough done on the film (more interviews shot, DVD packages determined and graphics created) to go ahead and offer the film for pre-order.

First, a little news…

RJ Mical, legendary video game industry pioneer, Workbench designer, and part of the original Amiga design team, has just signed on to be interviewed.
Eric Schwartz, well-known Amiga animator, will appear in the film as well. He has also offered to do some special graphics for the film.

My long-time friend and expert animator Maksim Bondarev has also just signed on with the film! He’ll be creating 3-D models of all the major Amiga models that will be used for animated sequences in the film…..

I want to thank you SO much for your support so far. This project is moving along great now. But we need your help. You may place a pre-order for one of our cool packages or simply donate. We’ve set a goal of $25,000 for pre-orders/donations, but honestly that is the bare minimum we need to pull this off. I’d love to see it soar much higher. The more donations and/or pre-orders we receive, the better the film will be. You have no idea of the costs we will encounter – travel fees, lab/post-production costs, legal fees… it goes on and on. Please help!

So please head on over to our page and place your pre-order now!

The Amiga will never die!

Zach Weddington
Producer, Viva Amiga

Moving right along

12 04 2011

Hey everyone

I know I don’t update here too much, I tend to use the Facebook page. But just wanted to let everyone know things are moving right along.

We will be shooting here in a couple months:

If you were a significant player on the Amiga scene, or at least think you might have been, feel free to message me and perhaps we can arrange an interview while I am there. At any rate, come on out to the show!

We’ve also been hard at work, doing 3-d modeling for the animated sequences, writing, re-writing and scheduling other shoots.

Oh yeah, and in a few days, you’ll finally be able to pre-order the film. Stay tuned to this blog for details!



Teaser Trailer Online!

30 09 2010

The teaser trailer is officially online! A nice site update as well. What do you guys think? Spread the word around!

We’ve got a real blog now…

26 09 2010

Hello anyone and everyone…

Just posting a first entry here. Going to be able to keep everyone better up to date and communicate now with this WordPress blog, hopefully. Everything about this film is a work in progress, so please be patient as I slowly work to make it all more informative and attractive.

Looking forward to corresponding with anxious Amigans about this exciting film. Viva Amiga is gonna knock your socks off.